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MP07-IONA-US JVS-to-USB converter is sold out. You can however pre-order one unit from the next batch.
Cosmic Digger 3671 is out.
Official Taito Vewlix replacement monitor is available.
MP07-IONA-US JVS to USB converter by Mellow PCB is now available here.
Cotton Rock'n'Roll pre-orders are open.
Rival Megagun XE is shipping now!


We distribute new and used arcade video game machines from the major manufacturers. Please, contact us with your inquiries.

Mission: Impossible Arcade King Kong of Skull Island Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Arcade Edition World's Largest Pac-Man ATV Slam Halo Fireteam Raven House of the Dead - Scarlet Dawn Super Bikes 3 Transformers Shadow Rising Nitro Trucks Daytona Championship USA Cruis'n Blast Jurassic Park Arcade

Spare Parts

We provide spare parts for Sega, Bandai Namco, Raw Thrills and ICE machines. Just send us an e-mail with a picture of the needed parts, the name of the machine and your address and we will come back to you with availability and a quote.

Mission: Impossible Arcade

Mission: Impossible Arcade

Mission: Impossible Arcade, the latest lightgun shooting game from Sega, is available now. This is the latest action game by famous arcade game director Shinichi Ogasawara (Jurasic Park: The Lost World, Gunblade NY, Let's Go Jungle!, Transformers Human Alliance, ...). This officially licensed 4-player special attraction features brand new dual pistol mounted controllers, two 55" Full HD monitors, impressive LED lighting and a surround sound system with woofers and bass shakers. The game includes stunning next-gen graphics, 9 action packed stages and innovative 2 vs 2 team gameplay. This is the perfect center piece for your arcade!

VIDEO Price available on request INQUIRE


From the team behind In The Groove 2, here comes the revolution in dance games. The attractive cabinet is equipped with a 46" touch screen, a powerful 4.2 sound system and two state-of-the-art dance platforms incorporating the latest technology. StepManiaX includes more than 300 songs and new songs are added each month for free when the machine is connected to the internet. Cherry on the cake, this machine is way cheaper than the competition.

Check this video for songs included in the latest update: VIDEO 8.499,99 € (ex. VAT) [10.284,99 € (inc. VAT)]


Taito Vewlix

Taito Vewlix monitor kitTaito Vewlix monitor kit

Upgrade your visual experience with this official drop-in monitor upgrade for Taito Vewlix.
The N94R0500A monitor offers a fast response time, low lag display at 1080p resolution with vivid colours.

This monitor is compatible with Half-Life 2 Survivor SD, Vewlix, Vewlix F, Vewlix L, Vewlix L-AMI, Vewlix C, Vewlix VS and Vewlix DIA cabinets.

Very easy to install!

Low stock remaining.

Decreasing price according to the total number of orders we get:
1 order: 1.652,88 € (ex-VAT) / 1.999,98 € (incl. VAT)
3 orders: 1.508,40€ (ex-VAT) / 1.827,17€ (incl. VAT) per unit.
5 orders: 1.374,00€ (ex-VAT) / 1.662,54€ (incl. VAT) per unit. <- CURRENT PRICE
6 orders: 1.347,12€ (ex-VAT) / 1.630,02€ (incl. VAT) per unit.
7 orders: 1.320,24€ (ex-VAT) / 1.597,49€ (incl. VAT) per unit.
8 orders: 1.293,36€ (ex-VAT) / 1.564,97€ (incl. VAT) per unit.
9 orders: 1.266,48€ (ex-VAT) / 1.532,44€ (incl. VAT) per unit.
10 orders: 1.239,60€ (ex-VAT) / 1.499,91€ (incl. VAT) per unit.
Lower price possible if we get more orders so please, contact us now if you are interested.

ORDER 1.374,00 € (ex. VAT) [1.662,54 € (inc. VAT)]


We distribute the exA-Arcadia in Europe.

exA-Arcadia is the new arcade sensation from Japan. It's a PC-based cartridge system for generic cabinets (like a modern Neo-Geo MVS) supporting 4 cartridges in one unit, letting the player choose the game he wants to play.

The system is very versatile:
Compliant with JVS standard, all games support both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios as well as HD and VGA resolutions. Vertical games can run in horizontal mode (via a dipswitch setting) so no need to rotate the monitor.

exA-Arcadia mainboard

4 players are supported on one unit by daisy-chaining I/O boards or using a 4-player I/O board). Two 4-player games (Lighting Knights and Nippon Marathon Turbo) are already available with more titles coming soon.

All games are tuned for maximum operator profit. For example, Aka & Blue Type-R (the first game released on exA-Arcadia) is earning more than Street Fighter V Type Arcade in Japan.

The exA-Arcadia is currently available in kit format only. It can be used with any generic cabinet equipped with a JVS I/O board (most of the cabinets manufactured after 1996) and either a HD monitor (Namco Noir HD, Taito Vewlix, Sega Lindbergh Universal, River Service Delta 32, New Delta 32, GF-I G-Balance) or a VGA monitor (Sega Naomi Universal, New Net City, Net City, Namco Cyber Lead II, Konami Windy II). Cabinets with an analog monitor require a cheap active DAC adapter.

With 17 games already available and thirty more in the pipeline, you can be sure that you will be able to offer your customers new experiences on a regular basis. In the future, free online functions will be added, these are currently in development. All games can be set to English language and other languages like French and Spanish are supported by some titles.

All motherboards and games are sold with a 90-day warranty and lifetime e-mail support.
Shipping from Belgium.
You get a discount if you buy the system with a game. Special pricing is available for distributors and on grouped orders.

For any question about exA-Arcadia, support and placing orders, please use this dedicated e-mail address to contact us:

BROCHURE 2.469,99 € (ex. VAT) [2.988,69 € (inc. VAT)]

JVS to USB converterJVS to USB converter

If you want to play the exA-Arcadia without an arcade cabinet, this is the solution!

The MP07-IONA-US converter by Mellow PCB is a small PCB allowing the use of USB controllers with JVS systems. This way, you don't need a supergun anymore.
Of course, it is no only compatible with exA-Arcadia but with all other JVS systems like Sega Naomi, Namco System 12/246/256/357, Taito Type X/X², ...
Xbox 360/One, PS4 and PC controllers are supported. Additional device support can be added through firmware updates upon request.
This international edition includes instructions in English.

Please check the official page for more info.

A micro-USB cable (not supplied) is needed for power. You can use exA-Arcadia's USB port to provide power so you don't need any extra device.

Only one unit per customer.

This product is sold out. You can however pre-order one unit from the next batch.

PRE-ORDER 57,84 € (ex. VAT) [69,99 € (inc. VAT)]

exA-Arcadia street signexA-Arcadia street sign

Turn your Western arcade into a retro Japanese game center with this exA-Arcadia street sign. Height is 87cm. The sign is powered by a fluorescent tube (like old Japanese signs) and can be ordered in either 50Hz or 60Hz version. Voltage is 100v.

The price below is the price for people living in Europe, as this ships from Belgium. Price includes the $210 shipping cost from Japan to Europe.
For people outside of Europe, we will have it shipped to them directly for $550 + shipping cost from Japan.

ORDER 684,99 € (ex. VAT) [828,84 € (inc. VAT)]

Games available for pre-order:

Cotton Rock'n'RollCotton Rock'n'Roll

30 years after the first game, legendary shooting game Cotton is back! This 6th episode features 8 stages plus special bonus stages, 6 playable characters including Cotton, Appli and 4 guest characters from Psyvariar, Sanvein and Umihara Kawase. Each character has unique play mechanics. In addition to Cotton gameplay mechanics, the time system of "Sanvein" and the Buzz system of "Psyvariar" are also featured. The exA-Arcadia version features an exclusive 2 player simultaneous play mode, less input lag and better rendering at various resolutions.

2-player / Horizontal
Developer: Success / Studio Saizensen
Languages: English, Chinese, Korean.

VIDEO 1.169,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.415,69 € (inc. VAT)]

Games available now:

Cosmic Digger 3671 - Legend of HeiankyoCosmic Digger 3671 - Legend of Heiankyo

Defend Heiankyo, the ancient Japanese capital, against alien invaders by trapping them in holes and burying them. The goal is to achieve the highest score within the time limit. This psychedelic remake of an old arcade classic offers plenty of crazy visual effects, techno music by Wing☆, high speed strategic gameplay, useful power-ups and great fun for up to 4 players. Warning: this game is highly addictive!

4-player / Horizontal
Developer: Mindware
Languages: English, Japanese.

VIDEO 894,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.082,94 € (inc. VAT)]

Rival Megagun XERival Megagun XE

The other player is your opponent in this competitive shoot'em up. There are 7 different ships with unique attacks to choose from. Transform into a Megaship and crush your rival! This arcade version features redesigned characters, better sound effects and arranged music by Keishi Yonao.

2-player / Horizontal
Developer: Spacewave Software
Languages: English, Japanese.

VIDEO 1.169,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.415,69 € (inc. VAT)]

Kira Kira Star Night exaKira Kira Star Night exa

Search for the stars in the 9 dreamy levels of this 8-bit action game created by renowned manga artist and illustrator RIKI. This enhanced version features 3 selectable characters, 2 difficulty settings and 7 new tunes by well-known Japanese game music composers. This game can be played on both horizontal and vertical screens.

1-player / Horizontal
Developer: RIKI / exA-Arcadia (Team EXA-AM1)
Languages: English, Japanese.

VIDEO 544,99 € (ex. VAT) [659,44 € (inc. VAT)]

Blazing Chrome ACBlazing Chrome AC

2-player futuristic run 'n gun with metal on metal action featuring 5 selectable characters including arcade exclusive, Zaku who joins from Oniken and an all new exclusive soundtrack from Super Contra composer, Motoaki Furukawa. Blast your way through the robotic hordes to save the world!

2-player / Horizontal
Developer: Joymasher
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

VIDEO 1.169,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.415,69 € (inc. VAT)]

Nippon Marathon Turbo Hyper = RunningNippon Marathon Turbo Hyper = Running

Take part in crazy 4-player races with over the top characters and find the best path to victory. The game features art by Namco designer Tatsuya Ishikawa (Numan Athletics, Mach Breakers) and completely original modes optimized for both hardcore and casual locations.

4-player / Horizontal
Developer: Onion Soup Interactive
Languages: English, Japanese.

VIDEO 1.169,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.415,69 € (inc. VAT)]

Dodonpachi True Death EXA LabelDodonpachi True Death EXA Label

The latest entry in Cave's most famous shoot'em up series is back in 4K with both vertical and horizontal screens support, remastered original and arranged stereo soundtracks, 4 game modes and real time difficulty adjustments to suit all players and optional Vewlix sized art set.

2-player / Vertical
Developer: exA-Arcadia (Team EXA-AM2) / Cave
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese.

VIDEO 1.899,99 € (ex. VAT) [2.298,99 € (inc. VAT)]

Psyvariar Delta ACPsyvariar Delta AC

The ultimate Psyvariar game, combining all of the ships, stages and pulse pounding techno music from past installments, Medium Unit and Revision as well as the all new Delta stages and newly composed tracks by WASi303. Supporting both horizontal and vertical modes, extra informational gadgets have been added to the game for players to achieve even higher scores. Easy enough for beginners but difficult enough for the best pilots.

2-player / Vertical
Developer: Success / City Connection
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese.

VIDEO 1.169,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.415,69 € (inc. VAT)]

Gimmick! EXACT☆Mix!Gimmick! EXACT☆Mix!

The cult classic NES platform game from Sunsoft is back with detailed new graphics, an arranged soundtrack and emphasised scoring mechanics. A new Time Attack mode has been added and stages may also be played in an alternate order with the Stage Edit function.

1-player / Horizontal
Developer: exA-Arcadia (Team EXA-AM1) / Sunsoft
Languages: English, Japanese.

VIDEO 1.169,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.415,69 € (inc. VAT)]

Super Battle Princess MadelynSuper Battle Princess Madelyn

Follow the journey of Madelyn, a young princess knight in her quest to avenge her dog's death, rescue her family save her kingdom from the clutches of an evil wizard. This Ghouls n' Ghosts style action game will please both oldschool gamers as they will feel at home and new comers thanks to its simple controls and for being more forgiving than its inspirational title. Join Madelyn as she battles through graveyards, swamps, castles, the countryside and more! Discover multitudes of weapons and powerup variations, multiple stage routes, new enemies and more in this unforgettable action packed title. This Super version is built from the ground up for arcades with an action oriented gameplay, new art by character designer Koichi Kikuta (KonoSuba) and a new soundtrack by Gryzor87.

1-player / Horizontal
Developer: Monster Bath Studios
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese.

VIDEO 1.169,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.415,69 € (inc. VAT)]

Fight of Gods Arcade EditionFight of Gods Arcade Edition

Forget religious wars, this is the ultimate holy battle as Deities themselves enter the ring! Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Anubis, Santa Claus, Zeus and Odin are a few of the 17 contestants available in this crazy fighting game. The Arcade Edition introduces exclusive character Beliar, new art by Junny (Namco, Arc System Works), new music by Go Sato, faster gameplay and French and Spanish languages.

2-player / Horizontal
Developer: Digital Crafter
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese.

VIDEO 1.439,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.742,39 € (inc. VAT)]

Vritra HexaVritra Hexa

Horizontal shoot'em up in a fantasy universe populated with dragons. This Hexa version feature upgraded graphics, 2-player simultaneous gameplay, online ranking, an arranged soundtrack, new weapons, branching paths, new levels and news bosses.

2-player / Horizontal
Developer: Neotro
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese.

VIDEO 1.439,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.742,39 € (inc. VAT)]

Shikhondo Red PurgatoryShikhondo Red Purgatory

Gorgeous Asian mythology themed shooter from Korea with stunning HD graphics and a superb soundtrack by WASi303. The game features several play modes, beautiful giant monsters, different stories, English and Japanese voices, supports up to 2 players and both horizontal and vertical monitors.

2-player / Vertical
Developer: Deer Farm
Languages: English, Japanese, Korean.

VIDEO 1.169,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.415,69 € (inc. VAT)]

Strania EX - The Stella MachinaStrania EX - The Stella Machina

Pilot a mecha of the Stranian space army in this magnificent space shooter. Mission: destroy the gigantic weapon of an artificial star to save your planet. This EX version features a new "Hell" difficulty mode, 4K support, rebalance for all modes and arranged music by Keishi Yonao.

2-player / Horizontal
Developer: G.rev
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese.

VIDEO 1.169,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.415,69 € (inc. VAT)]

Chaos Code -Exact Xeno Attack-Chaos Code -Exact Xeno Attack-

The definitive version of Chaos Code, the popular 2D versus fighting game by F K Digital featuring 16 fighters with 16 costumes each.

2-player / Horizontal
Developer: F K Digital
Languages: English, Chinese, Korean.

VIDEO 1.439,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.742,39 € (inc. VAT)]

The Kung-Fu vs Karate ChampThe Kung-Fu vs Karate Champ

A 1vs1 fighting game featuring 31 characters from popular martial arts movies like Drunken Master, Fist of Fury, Kill Bill, Enter the Dragon, 36 Chambers of Shaolin and Karate Kid. Each character has his own fighting style and the 3D graphics depict beautiful scenery.

2-player / Horizontal
Developer: Jae Lee Productions
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese.

VIDEO 1.439,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.742,39 € (inc. VAT)]

Lightning KnightsLightning Knights

Embark on a medieval adventure in this dungeon crawling game full of secrets and treasures to discover. Will you save the princess?

4-player / Horizontal
Developer: TikiPOD
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese.

VIDEO 1.169,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.415,69 € (inc. VAT)]

Aka & Blue Type-RAka & Blue Type-R

Bullet hell shooters are back with this game by ex-Cave members. It features beautiful hi-res anime-style graphics and a rocking soundtrack by WASi303, Go Sato, Fantom Iris and OTK. This game remained in the top 3 best earning games in Japan for 3 months in a row.

1-player / Vertical
Developer: Tanoshimasu
Languages: English, Japanese.

VIDEO 1.439,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.742,39 € (inc. VAT)]

Akyrios EXAAkyrios EXA

A modern bullet hell shooting game with futuristic visuals and a pounding soundtrack.

1-player / Vertical
Developer: Doragon Entertainment
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese.

VIDEO 1.169,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.415,69 € (inc. VAT)]

Infinos EXAInfinos EXA

A '90s style side scrolling shooting game with a soundtrack composed by Hyakutaro Tsukumo (Thunder Force). The game features 7 varied stages and two gameplay modes for maximum replayability.

1-player / Horizontal
Developer: Picorinne Soft
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese.

VIDEO 1.169,99 € (ex. VAT) [1.415,69 € (inc. VAT)]


Convention Gameplay 4 Retro Made In Asia God Save The 90's Mons Edition Retro Made In Asia

In collaboration with Arcade Belgium, freeplay arcade video games are available for your event!

Be it a party, a convention or a promotional event, visitors will enjoy these games for sure!

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